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New Jersey Criminal Attorneys Contemplate The Conditions Required For Abuse And Neglect Charges

In 2008, the defendant was charged with abuse and neglect of her 16-year-old stepdaughter. The Division of Youth and Family Services claimed that the defendant had slapped and taken money from the teenage girl. DYFS also argued that the girl was subject to neglect due to the lack of central heat in the home. When the defendant was unable to attend the hearings due to medical issues the case received a default judgment.

The Appellate Division upheld the default judgment on the findings of abuse and neglect. The defendant’s New Jersey criminal attorney appealed the decision.

The state Supreme Court ruled that, though DYFS had “good motive” for investigating the defendant, the findings did not lead to “the establishment of abuse or neglect violations” by the defendant. The Court argued that the defendant’s behavior did not impair the physical, mental, and emotional condition of the teenager.

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Legal Quote of the Week:

“Let nothing which is disgraceful to be spoken of or to be seen, approach this place where a child is”

Juvenal, Satires, c. 120