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New Jersey Criminal Attorney Considers Supreme Court Ruling On DYFS Involvement In Adult Probation.

As a minor, J.S. sexually assaulted his younger sister, resulting in the 21-year-old having the juvenile court enter an order adjudicating him a delinquent. The court required the Division of Youth and Family Services to provide him with sex offender treatment, despite the fact that neither J.S., nor his family, had any previous involvement with DYFS.

DYFS appealed, arguing that the court lacked authority to require DYFS to provide services to J.S. as an adult since he was not within the category of persons to be serviced under DYFS’s authorizing statements.

The State Supreme Court ruled that the court had authority to order probation for J.S. but erred when it found that DYFS was the appropriate method to effectuate the disposition. By requiring DYFS to provide services to J.S. the fiscal resources of DYFS would be diverted from children to an adult with no prior contact to DYFS, an inefficient use of DYFS’s resources.

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Legal Quote of the Week:

“Adults are obsolete children and the hell with them.”

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)